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RMBG is a image background removal application that runs on multiple platforms and incorporates a variety of open-source AI models. Designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy, RMBG does not upload your files to any servers, ensuring that your data remains secure and private.

AI-Powered Background Removal

RMBG supports a variety of open-source image matting models, allowing users to switch between them as needed to suit their specific requirements.

  • U2-Net: A pre-trained model for general use cases.
  • U2-Netp: A lightweight version of u2net model.
  • U2-Net Human Segmentation: A pre-trained model for human segmentation.
  • U2-Net Cloth Segmentation: A pre-trained model for Cloths Parsing from human portrait.
  • Silueta: Same as u2net but the size is reduced to 43Mb.
  • Isnet General Use: A new pre-trained model for general use cases.
  • BRIAAI RMBG: RMBG v1.4 is state-of-the-art background removal model, designed to effectively separate foreground from background in a range of categories and image types.

Privacy and Local Execution

RMBG operates entirely locally, without uploading your images to any servers. Users can rest assured that their privacy is fully protected from potential leaks.

Open Source and Free

RMBG is an open-source and free application, empowering a community-driven approach to innovation. We invite developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts to help enhance our tool by contributing improvements, new features, or bug fixes. RMBG is more than just a background removal tool; it's a privacy-focused, community-powered platform that enhances your creative projects and workflow. Join us in evolving RMBG and see the impact of your contributions.